I have no idea if these cars are still for sale so don’t contact the admin [me] of this website asking, All info I have on the cars are in the car pages posted.

If you are a mustang guy like me and you know if a mustang for sale, send me a link so I can post it here. Use the contact form below and paste in the link.

This website is here so Mustang guys like us can look over the cars, enjoy them, buy them, contemplate them or just document what the cars are being listed for. I do plan to buy a 1966 coupe soon to build a race car from. It will be a vintage trans am style car and I will race it in the vintage road race series. I already have a vintage coupe race car but it needs a new body before it can be restored and raced. The body is totally trashed but all parts are good. I would like to find a fastback body but those are nigh impossible to find at reasonable cost now.

The good mustangs are just getting over the top in price but the coupes are still available at reasonable cost, but for how long? They will not be around for ever so if you want a mustang, buy one now as in the future, they will cost even more then they do now.


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