Selling a great father/son project. It was a factory Arctic Frost with black interior car.Built in California. Then it was shipped to the dealer in Seattle. Factory 289 v2. Its a T-10 side load 4 speed car. This is not an A or K code car. It is a C code car. Engine turns over. Will need some body work. I have almost all of the original parts. Call with questions, I will not waste your time so do not waste mine.

***I cant believe I have to even say this! If you text or email me to ask what is the least I’ll take for it without even looking at the car, my answer is $3000! You are wasting my time and so you will be charged for it! I am willing to negotiate a little for it. To all of you offering, I will not take $1500, $1250, or $900. I only take cash so it does no good to try to use cash as a bargaining tactic***

I’m going to start working on it from the next few days to make it run, if I do… obviously, the price is going to go up…

Buy it: 1966 mustang coupe project